You can be the holiest man alive, and still have a sinfully sweet ride. If it wasn't going to auction for charity, that is. Lamborghini announced the special Huracán model it had built for il Papa sold for $861,000 at RM Sotheby's Monaco auction.

The supercar was originally designed and donated to Pope Francis last November. While he never took it out for any sick races, the Pope instead autographed the custom body. This particular Lamborghini has a Bianco Monocerus exterior hue with Giallo Tiberino striping from hood to tail. Additional striping accents the exterior in an effort to honor the Vatican's flag.

In a beautiful act of charity, Pope Francis will be auctioning the vehicle, donating the proceeds to four different charitable organizations.

The first organization is the Pontifical Foundation “Aiuto alla Chiesa che Soffre” (Aid to the Church in Need). They help Christians living in Iraq return and rebuild their homes on the Nineveh Plain. The second organization is the Pope John XXIII Community. They help women affected by human trafficking and other abuses. The final two are the Africa International Group of Surgeon Friends, and the Friends for Central Africa, both of which help support women and children in need.

With the Lambo off doing good for the world, the pontiff is back to the standard Popemobile for their transportation needs. Not that he ever actually drove, or even sat in, the Huracán.