Normally when hip hop artists and rappers buy expensive cars, they're sharp, powerful, and brightly colored. Of course, artist Kanye West doesn't follow these trends. Instead, he's opted for a matte vinyl cream coat on a custom Lamborghini Urus.

Recently captured on Instagram, prolific hip hop super producer purchased a custom Urus. It came with monoblock wheels by Boyd Coddington Wheels that West helped design, bright blue leather finish accents on factory grey leather, and a cream colored body wrap.

As you may have expected, the entire project was an expensive one. A Lamborghini Urus costs $200,000 by default. The wheels, wrap, and extra easily could have ended up adding around $10,000 to the final product.

More images of the final car can be seen on the California Detail Studio Instagram. Despite being the same color as my grandmother's doilies, it's oddly fitting for the artist.