Nothing has been more beneficial for private car sales than the birth of the internet. Whether it's a commuter car or a rare classic, auto enthusiasts main method of transaction has been online. Hemmings Motor News wants to capitalize on that by launching their own online auction service.

Formally called Hemmings Auctions, the digital platform is intended to be a direct competitor to services like Bring A Trailer, who focuses on the sales of enthusiast cars. While the company has held a classified section for a while now, this will be a more formal, automated service. For sellers, it will offer a faster, more streamlined way to sell cars. For buyers, it will allow for easier searching for the desired vehicle.

Bring A Trailer has sales fees with their posts, and now Craigslist is charging $5 per private car post. We can only assume that Hemmings will have something similar.

There isn't an official launch date for Hemmings Auctions. But if you're wanting to try it out once it kicks off, you can sign up for updates on the official website.