Google is opening their doors (car doors, that is) to third-party developers, allowing them to develop with Android Auto technology.

Android Auto, the vehicular operating system for modern cars, offered a variety of features and smart technology to drivers on the go. Until now, it was a closed service. Now Android Lead Product Manager Haris Ramic recently spoke with Motor Authority, announcing that they will start opening up the option for drivers to install third-party apps onto their cars through the Android Auto system.

No apps have been approved for just yet. Each app that wants to be considered has to go through an approval process with Google. Ramic states that they will focus on "media apps" at first, but he did not go into much depth beyond that. If I was to guess, I'd think he means things like Pandora, Spotify, and other music services.

After Google has given the green light, it will become the automaker's responsibility to approve apps for their specific models. Vehicles with passenger screens might support Netflix, for example. But video playing services might not be supported on vehicles with only driver-side screens.

If you have a vehicle with Android Auto support, stay tuned. There's about to be a much wider selection of apps available to you.