GM was excited to announce that their self-driving car fleet, Cruise, would enter operation be 2019. Now the organization is back peddling on this claim.

According to a report by The Verge, GM Cruise's public ride-hailing service (like Uber, but self-driving) has been delayed. While they aren't sure when the program will launch, Cruise CEO Dan Ammann states that they will "get there as soon as possible."

Ammann explained that everything about Cruise is focused on safety. They are putting more and more testing ours on their cars, allowing for smarter and more prepared vehicles. They never actually said if this is why they're delaying the launch.

The overall decision comes as no surprise, though. Self-driving technology is still in its early years. And as Uber has gone to show, a lot of development is still needed before the idea can be applied on a commercial level.