That's right, folks! Ghosn is back again. And by back, I mean back in cuffs. Carlos Ghosn, the ex-auto exec, has been arrested for a third time early Thursday on new suspicions of financial misconduct.

This arrest takes place not even a month after he was released on bail for his last two arrests. Ghosn was previously apprehended after falsifying investment details, underreporting income, and directing personal financial losses onto Nissan accounts.

This most recent arrest is in regards to new allegations, Nissan suspects that Ghosn had transferred funds totaling around $15 million from the automaker toward Ghosn since 2015. The report was made by BBC, who states that he will be held for up to 20 days without charge.

Renault another automaker that once held Ghosn in an executive position is also coming out to state that they suspect Ghosn of transferring losses onto Renault's books as well.

As much as I want to feel the satisfaction of justice from this. It's absolutely mind-boggling that this man can steal millions, lie about millions, and hide millions, and was only in jail for a month. He's messed up big time and should be punished accordingly.