The 2019 Formula 1 Championship isn't that far away. And the closer we get, the more we'll see the competing teams reveal their new race cars for the season. To kick things off, the Formula 1 Twitter account has posted a video detailing some of the ways the new cars will be faster and more aerodynamic

Last year, regulation changes allowed for faster cars that were wider. This created a struggle with close racing, due to the aerodynamic wake generated. This effect is commonly referred to as "dirty air," as it hinders the downforce of nearby cars.

The rule changes for 2019 have put a focus on this issue in order to alleviate it as much as possible. Front wings are bigger and extend further forward, losing of the more complex designs, with the end plates set flat and the underwing strake count changed from five to two. This will hopefully result in more close racing, more overtaking, and in turn, more exciting races.

There is a slew of other changes made, each with their own reason. Though these were all smaller, less noteworthy changes. Based on concept drawings for various 2021 F1 cars released in September, we can expect the more wild modifications to arrive then.

The first race of the 2019 season is the Australian Grand Prix on March 17.