Some tailgates have flags, some have grills. But Ford wants to bring it to the next level with their latest patent: an SUV tailgate projector system.

A recently discovered patent filing describes a device attached to the liftgate of an SUV that, when activated, will project video. It also has a secondary spotlight mode for increased lighting.

Video connectivity with cars is no new concept. But until now, it's been seen in digital infotainment screens and back-of-headrest mini TVs. This is the first time a projector has been seen in a production example.

The patent doesn't go into detail about what the projector will be connected to in relation to the rest of the vehicle. We assume that the infotainment system will have an interface when folks can calibrate and play various digital videos. It might also support an HDMI or other video input, allowing for video game consoles to be connected as well.

Patents don't guarantee anything, so we might never actually see this reach production. But hey, we can hope. Do you think a screen will be provided?