With a formal reveal still out of sight, we're stuck relying on leaks and patent filings to find out more about the upcoming Ford Bronco. Fortunately, these seem to be in healthy supply. Another patent discovery implies that the upcoming model will feature a removable roll cage.

The patent was discovered by All Ford Mustangs, with a filing date of October 17. The document details a removable roof and roll cage attached to the vehicle in sections. The piece appears to require some bolting instead of a more convenient clamp system. This makes sense, given the safety aspect of roll cages. Alternative seat belt posts are also shown to support the roll cage shape.

Greater information can be parsed from this patent. The biggest hint it provides is the overall shape of the cage in relation to the body. In the examples, the vehicle appears to have a box-ish, off-road shape. This is why the Bronco is the presumed target for this patent idea.

The idea of a removable roll cage also aligns perfectly with previous patent discoveries, which indicated a removable door feature for the Bronco.

It's important to remember that patents, while indicative of a new feature, is no guarantee. Often times ideas are patented and never followed through on. This could be due to design complications, poor consumer response, or any multitude of reasons. So take this patent with a grain of salt.