Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the way we power our cars, but will it also change how they look? While vehicles like Teslas look more or less the same as combustion cars, Nobe wants to take advantage of this new direction.

The Estonian startup company is looking to bring their own electric vehicle to the market, the Nobe 100. This cute little car has a vintage bubble style, and most notably, three wheels. Nobe has opened a crowdfunding campaign, hoping to raise $1 million in funding toward the Nobe 100's production.

The company released a video detailing their designers' hopes with the vehicle. They want to "put a smile on drivers and onlookers' faces" in the same way that the Volkswagen Beetle has. The car's design is clearly reminiscent of an older era, seen in everything from the shape to the analog gauges. The limited size also means only three seats.

How does it run, though? The Node 100 has three electric motors, one for each wheel, combining for a total of 60 hp. With an unsaid battery, the company is looking to achieve 100 miles a charge. This should be plenty for city driving, which is what the vehicle is intended for. Nobe did state that the main battery will power the wheels, while a second, removable battery will run lights, heats, and radio.

This doesn't guarantee the Nobe 100 will reach production, but I sure hope it does. I'd love to drive one, myself. No word on final price yet.