We've heard a fair bit about the performance specs of the Tesla Model X, and even some about the Model S. Now the electric automaker is embracing the potential of the Model 3, as evident by Elon Musk's Twitter Sunday morning.

The Tesla CEO remarked on the development of an all-wheel-drive option, as well as a performance model, for the dual motor vehicle.

"Working on Model 3 dual motor all-wheel drive & performance versions. Driving feel is amazing. Aiming to release config late tonight."

Musk has a history of staying true to his word, so not much later he posted specs, costs, and more relating to the performance model.

"Tesla dual motor, all-wheel drive performance Model 3:
3.5 sec 0-60mph
155 mph Top Speed
310 mile Range

Cost of all options, wheels, paint, etc is included (apart from Autopilot). Cost is $78k. About same as BMW M3, but 15% quicker & with better handling. Will beat anything in its class on the track."

This upgrade costs about $5,000 more than a regular Model 3. While it will certainly be faster, it won't exactly go further. The vehicle will still have the same approximate range as a standard Model 3.

Musk also stated that Model 3 owners will soon be able to request servicing from their phones, instead of bringing it in and signing paperwork. This would simplify the process significantly. No word on when this service will become available, however.