As electric vehicles become a more common industry concept, their inclusion into motorsports grows. And while one group is excited to race in their electric Camaro, some government red tape won't let them.

Napolean Motorsports has been developing an electric Chevrolet Camaro for use in the Formula Drift. Affectionately named the EL1, it's essentially an electrification of the Camero 1LE performance package.

The vehicle was supported to take part in last weekend's Formula D event in Long Beach, California. Unfortunately, a city ordinance banned electric vehicles from performing in street events.

According to a post by Instagram motorsports account Formula Derp, the reason is that the local fire department doesn't have the proper equipment to handle an electric car based fire.

"The @napoleon_motorsports electric camaro has been denied turning laps by ....... the city of Long Beach FD. They may need a permit to operate it on the track. Turns out that the LBFD aren’t equipped for fighting an e-car fire: they also cancelled Formula E here."

Truly unfortunate news for any electrics that intended to participate in the festivities. Perhaps had they had greater heads up that the restriction would be in place. Or, ya know, the LBFD got the equipment needed to handle a modern vehicle.