Dubai, being Dubai, is taking on a new approach to the license plate. The city is preparing to launch the first batch of digital license plates.

These plates, titled Tag 2 Connect, will be able to provide rear side onlookers with traffic information, and even notify those around it that the vehicle has been stolen.

Head of vehicle licensing at Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Sultan Abdullah al-Marzouqi, spoke about the new project on Wednesday, detailing what the digital license plate is capable of. The dynamic screen can alert onlookers about traffic congestion ahead, provide updated road conditions, and provide warnings about accidents. When a theft occurs, the plates can flash the word "stolen" instead of the usual serial number. Should you connect your smart wallet to the tags, you can also pay parking and registration fees digitally.

The plates can be changed at the RTA website, or via the smartphone app. Don't expect to see them crowding the road come tomorrow, however. A trial period will launch in May, going until November. Based on reception and calculated practicality, they will then decide the project's future.

Personally, I'm all for it.