About four years ago, the creators of the popular video game series "Gran Turismo" put out a challenge to big-name automakers to design the best looking touring car they could. This brought about such beauties as the Vision. Audi has not only come up with their own vehicle, but they plan to actually build it.

The I'm-a-real-boy-now vehicle is called the e-tron Vision Gran Turismo, and it has plans to be the race taxi for the Formula E Championship. The electric coupe, inspired by the 90 IMSA GTO race car, will have a nostalgic look with modern power. Three electric motors (two in the back, one in the front) give it a total 804 horsepower. Considering it weighs a meager 3,200 pounds, it's no surprise that it can go from 0 to 60 in under 2.5 seconds.

The e-tron Vision Gran Turismo race taxi will be in operation for all of the European rounds of the 2018/2019 Formula E season as well as a few other other events in 2018. The first stop will be the Rome ePrix this weekend.

Of course, you can also expect to see the e-tron Vision make an appearance in the upcoming PlayStation game.