Early in the morning on June 16th, a 1994 Toyota Corolla slammed into a fire hydrant at a high rate of speed in Queens. The impact split the car in half and the driver was ejected from the vehicle. Left behind in the car were two of the drivers friends, one of which was critically injured. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene after breaking through the cars windshield.

The passenger who was critically injured, James Montague, was rushed to the New York Presbyterian Hospital in Queens immediately following the accident, where he was pronounced dead. The only other person in the car, Christian Baptiste, suffered from only minor scratches to his face and refused medical attention.

Montague's family rushed to the hospital to see him, but he had already passed away before their arrival. It was originally reported that the driver of the accident fled the scene, but that is not true. Police have corrected this and all three victims have been accounted for.