For as long as there will be cool cars in the world, resto-modding will be one of the coolest things a person or company can do. There are few better examples of this than with the Ferrari 328 modernized by Casil Motors. Best of all, they're doing it 30 times and selling what's left.

The final product, called the BB3X8, features a widebody kit and flared wheel arches, giving it a form like something out of a retro racing arcade game. The kit uses carbon kevlar on the front wings, bumpers, hood, rear quarter panels, rockers, and ducktail spoiler. Everything from the headlights to the diffuser will receive an upgrade.

Inside the cabin, we see a combination of Alcantara and leather. With a focus on the vintage look it originated from, the seats, steering wheel, and dash were all given a new form as well. Not every cabin will look the same either, buyers will have their choice of a dark, light, and magnesium theme, determining the colors used.

The 3.2-liter V-8 engine? That's been boosted to reach 400 horsepower, thanks to a Bosch fuel injection and Jenvey individual throttle bodies. With a gated manual transmission to keep things classic, the radiator, exhaust manifolds, exhaust system, and air suspension were all given an upgrade to modern quality.

Casil has yet to reveal how much the BB3X8 will cost. The company has done similar projects with the EB110 supercar, which ran as much as $850,000. Given the level of customization and effort (and that exclusivity), we don't expect this one to run much cheaper.