Bugatti is the alpha and omega of children's cars. Sure, the barbie kid's Jeep has been around for ages and the red/yellow car-thing even longer. But it began with a Bugatti, and now it's ending with one.

To celebrate the brand's 110th birthday, Bugatti is building the Baby II, a modernization of the original Bugatti Baby kids car from 1926. Revealed Monday at the Geneva Motor Show, the automaker will produce 500 Baby II examples.

Originally, founder Ettore Bugatti had built a small toy vehicle for his youngest son Roland. After interested customers expressed much joy at the idea, the company went to produce 500 of them. This was in 1926. The Baby II is a tribute to this, retaining much of the original's design, but with a few modern adjustments.

The Baby II will be a 3/4 size replica of the Type 35. With an electric powertrain and rear wheel drive, the new version will have a removable lithium-ion battery pack for charging and can produce up to 1 horsepower.

But what about the child at heart? 

Bugatti is also making the model a bit more adult friendly. The size will fit both kids and grown-ups. And if you unlock the powertrain, it will be boosted to 5.4 horsepower. This changes the max "kid speed" of 12 mph to a more mature 28 mph.

Not enough? Just like modern Bugatti supercars, there is a special Speed Key that, when used, will unlock the powertrains full potential of 13 horsepower.

No matter what speed you drive at, the Baby II will have modern regenerative brakes and working headlights.

This is by no means a cheap toy, either. The "cabin" is built with aluminum and real leather upholstery, with custom gauges on the dash. It doesn't come cheaply, that's for sure. Each of the 500 examples will cost around $33,000, coming with a numbered plaque and special badging. Production begins this fall.