A 15-year-old male in Brooklyn was charged as an adult with attempted murder and assault after dragging a police officer for more than two blocks. He was in a stolen car and when the officer approached, he took off. The officer was unable to get himself loose and was dragged by the car for over two blocks going almost 60 miles per hour.

The officer is currently in a coma and has suffered from severe brain and head trauma. At his arraignment, the boy pleaded not guilty and was ordered to remain in custody. While being dragged, the officer fired two shots, one of which hit the teenage driver in the jaw. After the incident, the teen went to a hospital, but fled when police arrived.

He went to a different hospital and was released just hours before being brought to court on Friday. He is currently trying to get off on bail, but it's not clear whether or not that will be allowed just yet. There were three other teens inside the vehicle, two of which are being charged while one is not.