Have you ever taken a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and worked it into a 2.8 tonne, 217mph moving Brickhouse of a car? Brabus has, and they call it the Brabus 900.

True to their reputation, Brabus increased engine size from the Maybach’s 6.0-liter V12 to 6.3-liters. They also worked in custom forged pistons, a billet crankshaft, and balanced connecting rods. They didn't stop there. Throw in some beefy turbos with equally large compressors and turbines. Necessary if they want to push in more air to the special exhaust manifolds and the stainless steel high-performance Brabus exhaust. With the implementation of a lowering module, the 900 rides 15mm lower.

When given this punch-packing mechanics, the Brabus 900 busts out an impressive 888bhp, and 1,106lb ft of torque. While the 0-60mph time sits at 3.7 seconds, that isn't bad for a nearly 3-tonne car.

What is a custom car without carbon fiber? The Brabus 900 have carbon fiber parts for the front spoiler and bumper, and the rear bumper and diffuser. Standard wheels are 21in and 22in forged alloys. You can ask for smaller, but why would you want to?

An official price hasn't been announced currently, though we can guess it won't be cheap. If you already own a Maybach S650, you can send it in to be customized. Though upgrades like this are seldom an issue of money.