In a surprising turn of events, we're going to use the words "electric car" and "controlled explosions" and it won't involve Elon Musk. Bosch has developed what they call Pyro Fuse, a micro explosion that makes electric cars safer in accidents.

As the name implies, the pyro fuse is, in all means, an electrical fuse. Like existing safety fuses, it breaks the electrical connection s in a vehicle when a collision occurs. The pyro fuse, however, uses a small blast to physically separate an electric or hybrid car's battery to the rest of the vehicle by forcing a non-conductive wedge into the cables. The technology is based on the same ones used for airbags, so testing has proven extremely effective.

the motor vehicle is one of the biggest inventions of all time. But technology of that scale doesn't come without risks, especially when you crash them. Gas leaks don't happen in electrics but electric charges can. This precaution would mean you don't have to worry about your car electrocuting you in an emergency.

This doesn't resolve what is arguably the biggest danger with electric cars, breaking the battery. The chemical makeup of batteries leaves them prone to fires and explosions when physically broken. While unlikely, this has been a problem before when lethal crashes with electrics lead to explosions.