Safety is important when driving, especially for motorcyclists. While wearing the right gear helps significantly, Bosch is looking for more ways to keep bikes safe. One such experiment includes blasting air out of the sides to stay upright.

That's right, air blasting. The project, officially called the "sliding mitigation research project," was revealed on Thursday as a method of keeping a motorcycle upright should it slip. Gravel, rain, and other unpredictable conditions can cause a bike to slide sideways. Once it loses its lateral tire friction, it can become rather difficult for the rider to right themselves. Should the situation continue, it will most likely result in a crash.

That's where the air blasters kick in. A sensor on the bike would detect when it leans too far in either direction. Should it tilt too far, gas will release from an accumulator in a way similar to airbags. the blast will be directed out of nozzles on the side of the bike. The idea is that this would shoot out enough force to help the rider regain their desired upright status.

Still in the experimental phase, Bosch isn't sure how drivers would go about replacing the part once it's been activated. Aside from this, the company is also working on a few other motorcycle features. Such features include adaptive cruise control, a collision warning system, and blind-spot recognition.

I just hope it can be disabled for maintenance purposes. I'd hate to literally blast my shoes off trying to clean the carburetor.