The automobile is arguably the greatest invention of all time. And as society advances, cars and car care advance with it. Along with self-driving tech and electric cars, auto technicians are starting to use augmented reality glasses to work on their cars.

BMW and Mini are implementing new access to a system called TSARAVision Smart Glasses to their technicians. These small digital displays will show the user related documents and images hands-free, enter a video chat with an engineer, and various other work-related abilities.

BMW estimates as much as a 75% increase in case entry speed. This means more issues solved in a short time. This is great news for BMW owners that use their local service centers.

They're hardly the first to get in on this idea. Porsche sent AR glasses to their technicians a little over a year ago. The results were comparable to what BMW is looking to achieve.

Expect official BMW service centers will start receiving their devices and the appropriate training this June. Only select Mini service centers will be granted their own devices.