There's a unique feeling to old cars. that's why classic car restorations and preservation is such a big deal. But for many, that includes the sound system. If you want an authentic experience, you have to sacrifice modern amenities. Or you used to.

vehicle audio company Blaupunkt is producing a solution: a retro-looking sound system with modern technologies. The SQR 46 looks like it was pulled straight out of a Radio Shack from 1982. It shares the namesake of a similar model from that time, after all.

As old as it looks, it functions like modern dream. It features Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and other audio players, the cassette tape slot is actually a USB port, an Aux input, and an SD card slot. It still functions as an AM and FM radio, of course.

If you're interested in a copy for yourself, you might have to pay a bit for shipping. The modernized SQR 46 is only being sold in Europe for around $500. When you consider the cost of a vintage original unit, this is still a fantastic deal.