Everyone wants a car that rocks, right? What about a car that IS rocks? Bentley partnered with Mansory to showcase a Continental GT that looks like it was cut from marble.
Mansory, a popular high-end custom shop in Germany, modified a Bentley Continental GT for this year's Geneva Motor Show. Instead of the sharp colors and carbon fiber, they opted for something more akin to a kitchen counter. Over half of the exterior body is a dark marble stone pattern. It covers the roof, the hood, trims the headlights, bumper, and even the side view mirrors.
Unfortunately, this is just about all they said about the car. It's most likely just a display of the company's ability to work any pattern and texture onto a vehicle. We can only assume that it was not actual stone shaped into the parts needed. Aside from the tremendous weight this would add to the vehicle, it'd be far too fragile and prone to overheating. Or at least we can guess as much. This isn't the Flintstones, cars aren't made from stone.
Mansory, more like masonry, am I right?