Using your phone while driving is dangerous. This is obvious. But Australia isn't about to let the behavior go unpunished anymore. The country down under is implementing hidden road cameras specifically for catching phone-users on the road.

According to a report by Fast Company, the government of New South Wales, Australia will be investing around $60 Million USD (converted) toward building 45 phone-spotting cameras and their accompanying systems.

The units will use two cameras to track both the driver and the car's license plate. Using AI detection, if it believes that the driver is using their phone while driving, it will take a photo of them and their plates and forward the evidence to a human for assessment. If confirmed, a $235 fine will be issued.

The system went through a six month trial period. During this time, authorities confirmed over 100,000 instances of distracted driving via phone use, including some drivers making their passenger steer while they used their phone.

According to a statement by transport minister Andrew Constance, the intention is to scare drivers into believing that using their phone on the road is simply not worth the risks.

We could imagine how someone valuing their privacy might be discomforted by this idea. But if it gets people to stay off their phone while driving, we approve. Safety first.