Audi is embracing the Tron matrix it seems, with large digitation plans for the company. It starts with the e-tron electric SUV, due to debut at the end of August.

According to Audi CFO Alexander Seitz last Wednesday, the company plans to make a $1.2 billion profit by 2025, all from digital products and new business models.

“We want to have premium electric cars and digital services that are also attractive in economic terms. That is our clear ambition for the mobility of the future.”

A number of robocop style upgrades will be available to e-tron owners, such as electronic driver aids for safety and improved infotainment features for more diverse functionality. Audi intends to regularly release digital products over time, as well. That way drivers can keep up-to-date on the latest driving technology, much like how many do with smartphones and computers. I'm sure they want the profit margins from annual upgrades, as well.

To help manage, plan, and implement the operation of these digital products, the automaker is building a new division that reports directly to the CEO. This is so that their products reach the same quality and standard as the rest of the company. 

For fluidity's sake, the company is also developing an integrated IT platform for their digital products. This platform will be compatible with other Volkswagen Group brands, which means user settings and content will smoothly exist between their vehicles.