Photos don't always capture the awe that a vehicle can inspire. Aston Martin’s Lagonda Vision Concept is a perfect example of this.

The automaker has completely disregarded practicality and feasibility to create a concept car that is outrageous in both design and quality. Fully carpeted, with seats of handwoven wool. Savile Row tailors here hired to make sure everything was cut and sized perfectly. The cabin is vast. With enough leg room to accommodate a nuclear family of octopodes, the Lagonda Vision Concept can expand even further with a retractable rooftop panel.

The exterior easily outshines the cabin. The rather large sedan is one giant curve. The front bumper streaks to the large back in one smooth line. The sharp design is accented on the sides with crisp edges. With the body held up by four vaporwave wheels, this car looks like a multi-millionaires proudest project from the sci-fi 70s.

It's more than just looks, too. Aston Martin intends to offer Level 4 autonomy, which will be self-driving in nearly all conditions. Drivers trusting enough in this feature can rotate their seat around to face the rear passengers, perhaps engaging in good conversation.

Unfortunately, I doubt we will ever see this beyond now. The ridiculousness of the Lagonda Vision Concept wouldn't survive the production phase. Though we can always dream.