There are few automakers out there that have the same level of class as Aston Martin does. But is having a luxury car enough? What about the place you keep it in? The brand is now offering to build you a garage to host your car.

The service is known as Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs. Using the combined efforts of their car personalization service and a team of interior designers and architects, the brand will design and build a one-of-a-kind garage or gallery.

They have virtually no limit, either. While the project could be as small as a standard garage renovation, the customer could ask for tasks befitting of a spy movie super villain's home. If you have the budget, they'll do it. One of the architects they've recruited for the service is Obermoser Arch-Omo, a design firm that specializes in overly extravagant buildings like that.

“Imagine a home or luxury retreat built around your car. Picture creating the ultimate space to showcase your own automotive works of art; this is now achievable with this new offering.”

Marek Reichman, Aston Martin's chief creative officer

To speak seriously, the million-dollar cars that the super wealthy tend to buy are more for showing off than for actual driving. That's the exact market they hope to tap into. The right room and presentation can make a world of difference when showcasing. There's no greater brag than an entire home or building is built around showing off a car.