I've read a bunch of stories about electric cars vs gas-powered vehicles, and this article certainly won't answer the question posed in the title. At the end of the day, it's all a preference thing, but it's certainly something worth talking about. Anyway, I've heard a lot of stories about people taking their electric cars on road trips, which is something I would never do. I mean, I would, but not in their current state.

These cars are getting 200-250 miles on a full charge, which isn't a ton. The only way you're getting more than that is if you're dropping cash on a Tesla, which is a little over my budget. So you get this thing on the highway and let's say you need to go 300 miles in one direction. That's it. Just a 300-mile straight shot going North. But wait, your car only gets 200 miles on a full charge. Looks like you're going to have to make a pit stop.

Turns out there are no charging stations along the way and the closest one is 50 miles East of the route you wanted to take. Now you find yourself at 100 miles leftover and you need to drive 50 miles to get to the station. You're still 200 miles away from your final destination, and since your charging station is 50 miles away from your route you need to factor that back in.

You then have a full charge of 200 miles, drive 50 miles back to your main route and have 150 leftover. That's nice, but you need to still drive 200 more. Better find another station! I mean, I understand that it saves money and they're nice cars, but come on. I just don't think that it's realistic at all. For city travel with a nearby station, yeah maybe. You still have to factor in the hour that you sit in the vehicle while it fully charges a 200 mile range.

Maybe they're just not for me.