There's a certain rite of passage that takes place every year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It separates the boy cars from the men cars, and it's known as the Hill Climb. This year, an electric motorcycle is stepping up to the challenge.

Electric startup Arc will be presenting at the event this year, showcasing the abilities of their upcoming electric motorcycle, the Arc Vector. The CEO of Arc themselves will be taking it up the famous hill climb, believing it to be a great chance to show what the vehicle is made of.

"Up to 150,000 are expected at the Festival of Speed, and I hope they all get a chance to see what we’ve been working on; a unique all-electric neo café racer with all sorts of kit never before seen."

The Vector is no joke by any means. With a carbon fiber body, it weighs about 25% less than other vehicles of its size. All the while, it's pushing 130 horsepower, allowing for top speeds of 150 mph from its electric powertrain.

Another aspect of the Vector that sets it apart is how it interacts with the driver's gear. It can provide heads-up information to the driver's helmet, as well as haptic feedback to the driver's jacket. 

The Arc Vector will take to the Goodwood hill climb twice each day beginning when the event kicks off on July 4.