You might not remember Aptera, but they're back with a new electric. And it's so efficient, it can reach 1,000 miles on a single charge.

Aptera filed for bankruptcy in 2011 due to financial strife. They had relied on a government loan to fund development of their current idea: an ultra-efficient vehicle. Their most popular concept was the 2e, a hybrid vehicle that boasted 200 mpg.

Now the company has returned with another max-potential vehicle according to an IRRR Spectrum interview with founders Chris Anthony, Steve Fambro, and Michael Johnson.

Not yet named, their next vehicle will be a fully electric model capable of 1,000 miles in a single charge.

Marking nearly four times as large as your standard EV, Aptera accredits the increase to the familiar teardrop body shape. Regarded as the most aerodynamic shape, it reduces air drag, the biggest loss of fuel efficiency. In many ways, it will be similar to the 2e, but with the addition of modern technological improvements.

The model is not guaranteed to reach production just yet. The company will require around $2.5 million in funding for the project. To achieve this, they are using the common crowd-funding service, Wefunder.

While the founders didn't say anything about this, be prepared to need a motorcycle license to operate this car. Due to the three wheel design, it's legally considered a motorcycle and will require the proper licensing to drive.

Expect more details sometime into 2020.