Often times, I forget that Apple makes anything other than phones. But the tech company continues to dive into the self-driving car scene. Recently discovered patent filings reveal the company's continued interest in the technology.

The patent, while only recently discovered, was actually filed as far back as July 2016 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It focuses on a system for detecting speed and behavior at the vehicle's tires. This, in theory, would calculate greater and more accurate information for the autonomous system. Using two cameras underneath the vehicle, the system would use reflected electromagnetic waves to find the information. This would allow for safer and more controlled movement in adverse conditions like snow and ice.

This system would work alongside the rest of Apple's self-driving technology, which uses a number of internal sensors and GPS elements to pilot the vehicle.The patent also includes a secondary version of the system. The alternate design includes sensors facing forward at an angle. This would offer an even greater analysis of the road and its conditions.

Patents are never a guarantee toward a product, that's normal. But it's further proof that the company is taking the idea seriously. My money is on it being called the iCar.