Whenever there's a death resulting from a high-speed accident, the discussion is brought back up of if "speed limiters" should be installed in commercial supercars. But according to Alpina CEO Andreas Bovensiepen, such an idea will only result in lower quality cars.

Bovensiepen explained their perspective to Which Car, and Australian auto outlet in an interview. The example given was in regards to having a high-quality suspension.

“If there are speed limiters I think the majority of cars will get a much lower quality in suspension. The German manufactures will say ‘oh, why should we invest so much money in suspension if there’s hardly any difference if you can go no faster than 120 kmh,’”

The CEO went on to list other aspects that would be reduced, such as brakes, tires, traction, and more. They suspect that these reductions will actually make these vehicle models less safe in the grande scheme of things.

Bovensiepen did admit that there are situations where speed limiters are a safer option. They believe this to be when self-driving vehicles are more commonplace.

While they have a valid point, luxury automotives have a history of providing far more powerful features than ever needed. No consumer actually needs rocket-level brakes, but they pay extra for it. As long as that's the case, automakers will continue to add these over-indulgences to their products.