Your average police vehicle may perform above the average car, but not by much. Where I live, they're just a bunch of Subaru Foresters. But for the well-funded few, they'd have vehicles like AC Schnitzer's TUNE IT! SAFE! Polizei BMW i8.

AC Schnitzer being a German tuner, the Polizei BMW i8 shares the same vibrant and noticeable livery of German police vehicles. Unlike the standard, this cop car comes with a Hella light bar and light set. It also features carbon fiber additions to the roof, front spoiler, canards, grille, mirror covers, air outlets, wing, and side skirts. The 21-inch wheels come in both two-tone and Anthracite finish.

Aside from law enforcement equipment, the interior was given a number of upgrades. This includes AC Schnitzer shift paddles, aluminum pedals, and an aluminum cover for the iDrive controller.

Unseen from the outside is an AC Schnitzer spring kit that improves handling while lowering the vehicle by 0.8 inches. Power comes from a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The three-cylinder engine is supported by two electric motors.

It may not have the same amount of pow as a Lamborghini, but it's more than capable for a day protecting the town.