It may be May, but someone had their own Christmas in July when Amazon accidentally mailed a Formula One-spec carbon racing clutch to the wrong person.

Internet user "breadvan" posted on a BMW M3 forum, expressing confusion when the ZF Sachs clutch kit they ordered for their BMW M3 was actually a clutch meant for a Formula One race car.

You can tell from sight alone that this wasn't you're average clutch, or even one meant for the road. The user even posted an image comparing the race clutch to a permanent marker for scale. This clutch is noticeably smaller than your standard versions. it's four discs can handle up to 664 pounds-feet of torque. It also has a special diaphragm spring that can keep performance up in temperatures as high as 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clutches like these aren't available to the general masses. Which means if this person has it, some poor Formula One team is sitting there without one.

The forum had quickly begun to contemplate what to do with the part. Some recommend selling it, regaining the price paid for the normal clutch many times over. Others recommended keeping it as a novelty. My personal favorite was that "The only real solution to this is you sell your M3 and buy an F1 car."

What would you do if this happened to you?