Parking is stressful, particularly in urban areas. Navigating the claustrophobic spaces of a parking garage, while scouting out all spaces for an opening. Volkswagen is looking to help alleviate this problem with an automated parking system at Hamburg Airport in Germany.

Exactly how it sounds, vehicles will park themselves once they enter the parking zone. Drivers book a parking spot or electric charging station via an app and exit their vehicle. It will then find a free spot, and navigate there on its own.

Visual markers will help guide the self-driving technology, allowing it to navigate it's surroundings and park itself safely. Once done, you summon your vehicle and leave. Tolls are also covered via the app. For an extra layer of ritz, VW will also offer package delivery to the trunk, and dry cleaning service for clothing hung inside too.

This could not only pave the way for more efficient parking spaces and layouts, but also drastically reduce the number of accidents that occur in parking garages. The system will be tested at the Hamburg Airport, with hopes of the first customer experience taking place in 2020.

The automaker is hoping to bring fully autonomous vehicles to the public by 2021.