Selling an old car is either an inconvenient hassle or a collector's hobby. You'd be lucky to get more than $1k out of a 1994 Toyota. Or at least I would have thought so. Instead, a Toyota Supra of the same year just sold for $173,600 at auction.

Sotheby sold a 1994 Toyota Supra turbo Targa manual with black paint and a tan interior on Friday. With 11,200 miles on the odometer, it sold for a record-setting price of $173,600.

“According to the accompanying CARFAX report, this Supra Twin Turbo Targa was sold new in Illinois and remained there for at least two years, accumulating nearly 6,000 miles. It was subsequently imported to Switzerland approximately one year ago. Presently, the odometer is currently showing 11,200 miles, which is believed original. It remains in brilliant and largely original condition throughout.”

The Supra is a valuable car, all the same. Normally, an early 90s model sells for between $15,000 and $25,000. The near mint condition of this is the driving factor toward the ridiculous price tag.

I'd rather get a Honda Accord of the same year for 1% of the price.