Electrification is the next big thing. Eventually, they'll be the only kind of vehicle allowed on the street. But what about your favorite classics or your first car? There are older vehicles that run on gas that you might want to keep. Thankfully, one shop is looking to resolve that with a modular "V-8" electric crate engine.

The company is called Electric GT. They're producing a crate engine that is fully electric while imitating the size and shape of a traditional combustion engine.

The project began years ago when Eric Hutchinson converted a Ferrari 308 GTS to have three electric motors replace the engine. He managed to produce as much as 465 horsepower from the device. Now Hutchinson has partnered with Electric GT to produce a similar crate engine that can be used on a variety of vehicles.

Unfortunately, Electric GT hasn't detailed what this electric crate engine would cost, nor when it would be available, nor what vehicles it would support. Hopefully we'll know with time. We want to keep the classics alive.