The already impressive 2020 Toyota Supra has been given even more outstanding features. Magnaflow has developed a special, modular exhaust system.

Announced on Wednesday, the xMOD exhaust system allows auto owners to quickly swap between different performance modes. This is thanks to the modular nature of the system, which allows the operator to remove certain segments from the system and replace them with other parts.

The current system allows for two different muffler modules and two different inlet pipes. One is designated for factory settings ideal for street-legal usage, while the other is uncorked, allowing for greater modding.

The alternate inlet pipe, however, helps improve performance. Measuring at 0.5 inches wider, this increases flow by 36 percent, adding an additional 4 horsepower to the stock Supra.

The xMOD system is also lighter than the stock exhaust, even when using the street pieces.

Currently, the xMOD exhaust system is only available for the 2020 Toyota Supra. Magnaflow intends to expand support to other vehicles but has not made any confirmations. Regardless, the system costs $2,500.