We usually don't bother with "this cool car is for sale" posts. A car with some degree of interest hits auctions blocks a few times a week, it seems. But this one is a bit different than the others. This isn't a hypercar owned by some celebrity or a classic restomod. This is the Mustang GT used for filming the Need For Speed films.

The vehicle, appearing on eBay, is a modified 2013 Ford Mustang GT. Apart from a number of performance upgrades, the roof has mountings for camera equipment and gyroscopic stabilizers. Most noticeably, the back end has been converted into a glass hatchback

The eBay listing went into further detail about the performance specs. Upgraded by Saleen, the supercharged engine pushes 625 horsepower through 3.73 rear gears. The stopping power comes from 14-inch brakes. Internally, there are Corbeau Racing seats and a custom roll cage.

You don't go through these kinds of changes unscathed, however. The passenger airbag has been removed to make room for camera equipment and the tire sensor isn't working correctly. So it's not the safest vehicle to be in.

Unlike all those supercar auctions, this one doesn't cost six digits. The asking price is $34,900.