After 13 years as their CEO, and many years for them before that, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche has stepped down this Wednesday and entered retirement. But of all people to dedicate a video to their departure, who would have thought it'd be their rival, BMW.

Luxury brand BMW released a video online, showing Zetsche leaving the Mercedes-Benz offices, handing in his badge, and being chauffeured home in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Once his ride was gone, Zetsche stepped into his garage, where he drove out in a BMW i8.

This is nice. It's a playful nod of respect to a rival. But it's also a sign of a closer relationship between the two automakers. BMW and Daimler recently merged their mobility divisions and are actively working together to develop better self-driving technology. They might even share whole vehicle platforms in the future. This video is a public display of this healthy relationship they've established.

Both organizations are looking to reduce costs while they invest more and more into electric and autonomous vehicles. Zetsche mentioned the importance of this in his departing speech. While no numbers were given, working together is likely one of the bigger cost-saving measures.

We can't confirm whether Zetsche is a genuine fan of BMW vehicles, or if this was just made for the humor of it.

Either way, you've done a great job, Zetsche. We hope you enjoy your retirement.