Volvo is looking to reduce the dangers of drunk or distracted drivers. Now the automaker has revealed a system of in-car cameras to recognize when the driver isn't paying attention and to potentially stop it.

The announcement comes from CEO Hakan Samuelsson on Wednesday. The in-car camera system will monitor the driver's vision and eye placement to determine if the driver is paying attention to the road. They will also monitor the driver's control habits, keeping an eye out for sudden or slow changes in motion. If it detects an issue, the vehicle will alert the driver and attempt to slow the vehicle down.

If, for some reason, this doesn't improve or resolve the situation, a Care by Volvo representative will call into the car to connect with the driver. If even they fail to fix the situation, the car will automatically pull over, stop, and notify emergency services.

The camera system will be installed on all new models built on their SPA 2 platform. So it can be expected on 2021 models and beyond. According to Volvo safety engineer Trent Victor, the automaker has not decided if drivers will be allowed to disable the technology.

This is part of a plethora of safety features that Volvo has been implementing on their new vehicles. The same platform will have an artificial speed cap of 112 mph. The automaker is also working on a new "Care Key" system that would implement additional safety measures like further speed caps and radio volume limits on the driver. The key is intended for guest drivers or teenagers.