Ford and Volkswagen have been growing increasingly cozy with each other as of late. Now the CEO of VW is saying they might start using Ford factories as well.

We know the two automakers are working together on a commercial vehicle. VW had already indicated toward building Ford vehicles in Europe while Ford builds Ranger-like pickup trucks for VW. Now VW CEO Herbert Diess tells a Washington reporter that they might use this friendship to use their factories.

"We are building an alliance with Ford which will strengthen Ford's position in Europe because we will share platforms. We might use Ford capacity here in the U.S. to build cars for us."

Diess also considered building a second car plant. He said that they're currently in "quite advanced negotiations in Tennessee but there might be other options as well."

Meanwhile, Ford has said little to nothing regarding the alliance with BW. Instead, they gave Automotive News a vague reply.

"Our MOU [memorandum of understanding] with VW covers conversations about potential collaborations across a number of areas. It is premature to share additional details at this time."