While Honda is busy trying to make "smart streetlights," Ford is looking to get rid of them altogether. The automaker is looking to use Vehicle-to-everything communications technology to render streetlights obsolete.

Vehicle-to-everything communications technology, also known as V2X, is a system where you're vehicle can communicate with everything around it while driving. This includes other cars, traffic signals, and as the title implies, streetlights.

The automaker announced Wednesday that they will begin trials on an Intersection Priority Management system in Milton Keynes, U.K. This system will replace intersection lights with an intelligent system that alters the speed of your vehicle to allow interchanging cars avoid a collision. Sound confusing? We agree. Thankfully, Ford has released a video explaining the system.

The concept's biggest restriction is the need for complete participation. If a vehicle is involved that doesn't take part in the V2X system, then no doubt an accident would occur. Though if we ever make our way to a fully autonomous future, this would a staple feature.

The program is being funded by the U.K. Autodrive program, which looks to promote upcoming vehicle technology.

Say what you want, watching the video example had me feeling far too anxious. This one might not be for me.